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The fluid integration of language, music, and math, in a series of games.

Play games and compose real music, naturally.

Imagine color-coded music building blocks, like musical “Tinker Toys” or “Legos,” that allow even small children to play, master and create real music naturally.

Like Crayola impacted the artistic imaginations of millions of children for generations, Music Play Land can do the same, with musical games that teach music like a native language.


Our music video games are built on over 30 years of research on developmental linguistics as applied to teaching music as if it were a native language. Piano Wizard has proven amazingly effective, with hundreds of glowing reviews, and incredibly moving testimonials over a decade of use.  This one particular example led to the impetus to further investigate the therapeutic, cognitive and healing powers of music.

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5 Minute Overview

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This technology and method is being licensed for the mobile platform and dramatically expanded on to create a suite of music apps that teach the “Elements of Music” in ways that interact with each other following the internal logic and math of music. Without the children needing to know any theory, notation or to even read yet, they can still play, create and perform music on a rich level as naturally as they learned to speak their native languages.

Music Play Land Inc. Executive Summary

This is not an offering of securities, which can only be made by directors or officers of the company with full legal disclosure and documentation.Business Structure-C Corporation

Why Music Play Land?

-Significant Milestones include:

–Minimum Viable Product Demo Available to test
–Alpha testing completed, ready for market commercialization and migration to multiple mobile platforms.
–Key Strategic Partners identified and engaged, signed LOI with global partner.
–Strong Development Team in place
–Key Patents, Trademarks, Licenses secured
–Experienced Management Team identified

Software gaming platform poised to change the way people of all ages and skills learn to play the piano and master music composition.   All versions provide for rich content upsells. Future version offers a collaborative multi-player MMO subscription gaming platform.


-Educational, Mobile Gaming and Cloud MMO Entertainment

Strength of Concept

-Cloud Subscription allows parents, teachers, schools and service providers to access breakthrough music learning games providing native language level fluency at a fraction of the time and cost.
-Musical game facilitates sometimes dramatic positive cognitive development in all ages.
-Platform engine (Elements of Music App Suite) rich in upsell & cross-sell potential.
-Catalog of over 100,000 popular and classic tunes available for download for game variation and enhanced game of play.

Company Stage

-2nd generation IP, and key licenses to leverage proven and established IP. Alpha test completed and market validated.
-Team identified. Key Strategic Partners in the current markets can move immediately into sales.
-Working single player game on the IPhone, iPad version in final stages of development and ready for commercialization. Enhancement for, Android, MS Surface and Amazon platforms to follow.

Company Vision

-Universal Music Literacy for young and old alike, with the “Music Advantage” of cognitive development and mastery for playing piano designed for all ages and levels.
-Teach music as if it were a native language to millions of children worldwide through games.
-To allow all skill levels to learn to play real music within the game and transfer that skill to real instruments, quickly and easily without cost or frustration of traditional music lessons.
-To engage and enroll millions of new customers for life, selling new content, songs, sounds, etc.
-Shift the paradigm for MMO competitions from combative and empire building genre to music performance competition, and marry the populist love of talent competitions with arena game competitions.

Target Funding

-$500,000 angel bridge convertible note, to complete the first 4 Apps, and bring to global market, followed by $3M Series A round.

Market Sizes

-Gaming Market $115B by 2020, 2/3rds of which is Mobile/MMO/MOBA, i.e., Mobile and Online
-App Gaming Market estimated to be $40 Billion by 2017
-Educational Mobile Market: $40 billion by 2020
-Overlapping Educational Mobile Gaming: $4 billion by 2020
-Tween/Teen Market overlaps the above, and they spend $50 Billion a year on apps and music.
-MMO $19.8 billion in 2016, roughly 60% of all digital PC game revenue.

Revenue Strategy

Licensing partners for beta testing, refinement and initial distribution and revenue.

-Download single player application
-In-app purchase for additional songs for enhanced integrated game play
-In-app purchase of different game environments
-Upsell and cross-sell of new modules to existing game owners and as an integrated full function music play & composition training environment
Global localization/licensing
-MMO subscription and competitions.

Projected Revenue

-Year 1: $294 K Year 2: $1.4 M   Year 3: $5.9 M Year 4: $20.6 M Year 5: $ 48 M
(Projected revenue does not include estimates for MMO competition, contact company officers for full strategic plan and pro forma).

Strategic Relationships

-Opportunities include: Public and private companies, including Fast Track Kids (signed LOI), Sylvan Learning, Kinder Music, Hal Leonard Corp, Disney, Billy Joel, and more.

Existing Key Customers

-Relationships with large Home School groups, consumers and enrichment for autistic children and teens.

Marketing Strategy

-Joint Ventures, Strategic Partners, Marketing online and traditional media advertising with a strong integrated Cognitive Development PR campaign, localization.

Sales Strategy

-Multiple License opportunities (Educational, Entertainment, Foreign and Music Channels)
-Up Sales Through App Store for more songs, sounds, and other musical content
-Cross Sales to existing customers as each new app is released. (see strategy diagram)

Distribution Strategy

-Strategic education, entertainment partners & direct marketing, including TV ads, Foreign licenses


-Core interim financial/admin/sales team in Boulder, CO
-Outsource with best of breed vendors for non-core competencies (e.g. Legal, Software, Development, Manufacturing, Distribution)

Management / Advisors

-Professional / expert and start up experience including raising capital, building companies, licensing deals, and software marketing and distribution.

Strengths / Opportunities

-Technology and interface built for rapidly adaption to other platforms, languages and cultures.
-Multiple recession resistant markets, Education, Entertainment, Mobile Apps and Tween/Teen
-Accelerated branding and market penetration through strategic partners and Media Fund source
-Exclusive Master License to layered intellectual property protection, (multiple patents, trademarks, copyright, etc. owned by US Company). Multiple Patents Filed. Awarded & pending US & WW.
-Core IP already developed and tested. Ready for full commercialization
-Revenue ready with app, extensive song catalog, and gaming environment
-Multiple revenue streams with download purchase, in-app purchases and add on modules
-Strong customer retention due to dynamic game play change with each level of advancement, additional song added to personal player library, and virtual game environment change
-MMO marketplace is rapidly growing with potential to move beyond action/combat games to new demographics with music / talent competitions

Weaknesses / Threats

-Capital needed to complete commercialization and multi-platform port of version 1 MPL
-Subsequent A-round of capital needed to complete full modular set of music wizard elements
-Speed to market dependent on development timelines that are sequential yet integrated.
-Need identify team member and partners, and funding for rapid growth in operations and strategy and execution for MMO opportunity

Music Play Land Inc. Team Summary, Executive and Board Candidates

Chris Salter, Founder​​​​​​​, 813-505-2995

Founder’s Story

As noted elsewhere, my unique and twisted pursuit of music started as an adult, at SIU Carbondale, where I met a brilliant piano teacher in a group piano class (he later co-wrote our piano curriculum for our game) I stayed with him and took so many other music classes that I earned a BA in Music, along with another BA in Linguistics, I then went to UCLA and got my Masters in Ethnomusicology, including 2 years study abroad in Brazil, Universidade de São Paulo, Universidade Federal da Bahia. These experiences led to a lifelong fascination with the overlaps between music and linguistics, and with the introduction of MIDI technology in the 80’s, I began to think of ways to leverage that into a more universal approach to learning music.

While not a programmer, I have managed about 8 different teams, while designing award winning software. Our early licensing deals with Allegro Multimedia before the recession included Fisher-Price (I Can Play Piano) Mattel (I Can Play Guitar) U.S. Music Corp/Disney (Hannah Montana, Club Rock, High School Musical versions of Piano Wizard and Guitar Wizard), Hal Leonard Corp for their content, Cymphonique, Suzuki Keyboards and others. After the recession, which decimated us, we were able to manage a licensing deal into the home school market with Sonlight Curriculum, which kept us alive, but barely. It took us years and an act of Congress (The Jobs Act) to figure out a way to restructure the company, and then to license off the Piano Wizard for the mobile market as a brand new clean play. Coupled with this was a host of new IP to be integrated with the proven winner, giving us a very scalable, global play with proven technology in a new form.

The new Music Play Land IP on the other elements of music brought all those experiences together in a unique way, as new mobile and cloud ecosystems emerged, and dozens of neuroscience studies proved astonishing breakthroughs with cognitive growth and music.

Meet The Team


The engineers are diverse and capable. Our lead engineer has 30 plus years experiences with independent game development, and deep software architecture chops. Another has launched his own educational app in Vietnam with 60,000 viral users, and has the bandwidth with his offshore team to expand with us as we grow. Matthias has award winning experience as a music educator and cutting edge audio tech skills as well.

Tim Mensch, CTO Candidate,
Dong Nguyen, Tech Advisor ( )
Matthias Knesebeck, Music Tech Advisor

Executive Team Candidates (Currently Advisors)

I have worked with and known most of these people for years, and they are amongst the most capable and solid I found anywhere. All are open to a larger opportunity as funding, growth and development permit and require.

Ruth Ann Kraemer, CFO Candidate,
Mary Babiasz, COO Candidate,
Steve Wilson, VP Business Development,
Ted Stokes, Strategic Advisor,
Karen Rands, Investment Relations,
Paul Wagner, Marketing and Branding Candidate,
Dan Ruke, Social Media Strategist,

Advisory Board and Special Teams

These people are very resourceful friends and colleagues who can be engaged for special projects as needed, with wide powerful networks and unique skills and experience.
Tom Folenta, Advisory Board,
Lori Cheung, Advisory Board, Biz Dev
JR De Souza, Advisory Board, (Disney, Dreamworks, Tivo)
Randolph Craft, Planning Strategist,
Lydia Sugarman Advisory Board Online Marketing
Joel Wissing, Advisory Board, SEO,
Susan Elizabeth Lee, Advisory Board, Pre-K Edtech,


Lawyers even investors and entrepreneurs can love. Tested, proven and tenacious, with deep subject matter experience.
Jim Chapman, SEC/Licensing Legal,
Maria Speth, Trademark and Copyright IP,
Jason Webb, Patent Attorney

Business Overview Docs

These documents contains confidential and proprietary information including trade secrets belonging exclusively to Music Play Land Inc. The summary may contain comments that are the sole opinion of Music Play Land Inc. and not those of other industry and business professionals, consumers or investors. Certain definitive verbs, such as “will” or “shall”, have been used through-out the document for ease of communication and should be realized that such statements are subject to market conditions, legal review, and financial environments at the time execution of the strategy or process begins.These documents are not offering of securities, which can only be made by directors or officers of the company with full legal disclosure and documentation. Music Play Land and Music Play Land Inc. are registered trademarks.

Links to other business docs

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PDF of Biz Plan​​​​​​​
PDF of Reading Powerpoint​​​​​​​
PDF of 5 Min Powerpoint

Music Play Land Inc. Executive Summary